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In this tutorial, we will look into how we work with forms in LudoJS.

In LudoJS, you have many form views, example: A Text Input field. All form views are found in the ludo.form name space.

A "form" is a collection of such form fields. In standard HTML, you use the <form> tag. In LudoJS, you define a form, by creating a form object on a View:

var view = new ludo.View({
        // form configuration
        { type:"form.Text", name:"firstname" },
        { type:"form.Text", name:"lastname" }

This view will then be a form for all the views in it's view hierarchy(children, grand children etc).

When the form object is defined, a new ludo.form.Manager instance is created. ludo.form.Manager is a class with many convenient methods for working with forms fields.

The ludo.form.Manager instance is accessible from


Example, to submit a form, you can call


and to update values of multiple form fields in one go, you can call the populate method:

    'firstname': 'John', lastname:'Peterson'
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