Usage: new ludo.Notification({ ... });

Extends: ludo.View

Class for providing short messages and feedback in a popup.
Notifications automatically disappear after a timeout. Positioning
of notification can be configured using the layout object.

Custom CSS styling can be done by adding styles to the .ludo-notification class.

Name Type Description
config Object
Name Type Description
html String

Message to display

duration Number

Seconds before notification is automatically hidden. Default is 3

effect String

Default effect used for displaying and hiding the notification. Default: fade

showEffect String

Effect used when Notification is displayed(fade or slide)

hideEffect String

Effect used when Notification is hidden(fade or slide)

effectDuration Number

Duration of show/hide effect in seconds. Default: 1

autoRemove Boolean

True to automatically destroy the view(remove from DOM) hiding it, default:true

new ludo.Notification({
	html : 'Your e-mail has been sent', // message
	duration:4 // Hidden after 4 seconds

 new ludo.Notification({
 	html: 'Hello there!',
 	layout:{ // Position right of other view
 	autoRemove:true // Automatically remove from DOM when hidden